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Next Meeting Thursday, April 12, 2018, 7:00 PM



Brother Knights of #706,


            By the time this gets posted Easter should be over. I hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Easter with their family in celebrating the resurrection of Christ our savior. This is the most pivotal celebration of our Catholic and Christian faith.


            Thank You for these volunteers!  I want to thank Bob Engle, Fred Panyard, and John Schneller for helping me serve lunch to the RCIA group Saturday the 31st. A big thanks to Steve Tejchma for serving appetizers at St. Francis de Sales for “Completing the Vision”! A thank-you to Mychal & Samantha Galla, David Galla and Monica Galla for helping me host the Easter Vigil reception at St. Francis de Sales Saturday night after 8:00pm mass. The ARC held a fund raiser at our club last month and raised $3,000 to support their Advocacy & Outreach Services. Thanks to everyone who attended and a big thanks to Denny Chandonnet and Steve Tejchma for their help in making this happen. We cannot forget about the Wednesday night crew who keeps on bringing us great dinners. Thanks!


            As you know we have been having fish fry’s on Friday’s at the club during Lent and we had several groups step up to do them. I want to thank the following groups and there team for the great job done!! Building Association, Chuck Wahl team, John Kelly team, Tim Kordecki team, Tejchma family, Council, Paul Grycki team and Buday /Thompson team. From the fish fries came a competition as to who would serve the most dinners. The Tejchma family had the most with 437 dinners and the Kordecki team served 365 dinners. So I heard the Kordecki team is holding another fish fry soon to try and beat the Tejchma family record. Watch the e-mails and calendar for this event and support them in trying to beat 437 dinners served.


            This is what makes this club so great to be part of with all the members stepping up to volunteer to help this club grow, Great job everyone!!


There were a few volunteers last month at the KC Kids Food Basket. We made 940 bologna sandwiches. In The KFB picture with the t-shirts....Left to right: Peg McClay, Sharon White, Barb Langlois, Sue Kwolek and Sandi Gowin.




I spoke with Lynne Keech (KFB Coordinator) and explained to her that I have signed up for blocks of five people for April/May. Please call Barb if you want sign up for the KC group 231-740-5998.

Thanks...Barb Langlois


We're getting our name known down there. We were mentioned a few times and they are excited about our trail mix day! This Trail Mix Day for the KFB will be Saturday, April 21st at 9:00 am at the hall. We will be bagging 1,000 bags of trail mix for them and also decorating bags. This will be for the whole family come one come all. We will have coffee and donuts. Please contact Barb Langlois at 231-740-5998 or Sandi Gowin at 231-730-6955 if you are interested in helping that day or sign up at the club.




The Kids Food Basket of Muskegon currently services five area schools. They are able to send 940 sack suppers home daily with kids so they don't go hungry. You and I can make a difference in a child's life. There are volunteer opportunities at the Kids Food Basket: making sandwiches, cutting veggies, packing, food prep, etc. Your time commitment is one hour! Yes only one hour per visit. The KC involvement of men and women would be awesome. If you are interested in helping, please go to their website  If you have issues signing up please call Lynne at 231.747.8575.  The KFB would like to grow their numbers. They have a waiting list of schools to get into the program. It takes volunteers!


We will have our annually Tootsie Roll drive to support the mentally impaired. It is scheduled for Saturday April 14 and Sunday April 15 after all Masses. We are looking for volunteers to help at Our Lady of Grace and St. Francis de Sales parishes. Please contact Patrick Galla at 231-670-7392 or or Denny Chandonnet at (231) 670-3469 or if interested in helping. 80% of the money collected stays local.


            We are having our second annual Beer Tent, date is July 28th so mark your calendar!!!


In May we will be voting on new council members. We have some openings, so if you are interested in being part of the council, let me know or show up for the meeting and put your name in the hat. We need your input as officers of our council. It is only one meeting a month for one hour. Who can’t give just one hour to our council as an officer?


We still have about 90 Knights who have not paid their dues!!! Please mail or drop off at club.


We are always looking for people to volunteer for fund raisers held at the club. If interested in helping out please contact (Patrick Galla at 231-670-7392) and I will be happy to get you involved in one of our events.


Please check our website for all the events we are having, too many to name! Just one I will mention is our Appreciation dinner that is May 12th so mark your calendars, details to follow. This is something we do for all those who have helped in some way with the council activities or event at the hall. This is usually a great celebration and even better food.


Ushering Schedule: 

4-1-18                          4-22-18                        5-13-18

Add these date to your home calendar and try to arrive about 20 minutes early to Mass. It won’t hurt you to be a little early.J


We added 36 new members or transfers in 2016-2017 year. Great job everyone!! For 2017-2018 our goal is 29 new members and 10 new insurance members. We have a first degree  scheduled for Thursday, April 19 at KC 706 with registration at 6:30 pm and degree at 7:00 pm. We need 8 more to meet our quota. Please talk to your friends on who would be a good Knight and get an application submitted.

First Degree schedule:

Thursday April 19th at 7:00 pm at KC 706


Please try to attend our next meeting. Always looking for new ideas and input from our members.


Vivat Jesus

Patrick Galla, Grand Knight

Cell: 231-670-7392




Tidbit Announcements:

April events:

a)      Council meeting Thursday April 12th 7:00 pm

b)      Building Association meeting Monday April 8th at 6:30 pm

c)      Check out the online Calendar on our website for all the events.


March - Council Meeting Highlights:

a)      Treasures reports approved.

b)      Good standing with Supreme


Membership Goals 2017-2018: 29 new members and 10 new insurance members.

Members needed: 8

New insurance members needed: 9



Wednesday Night Golf League:

Wednesday night golf league begins April 25th.

2018 K of C annual dues and golf league dues must be paid in full prior to play April 25th.  Golf league cost: $270 for non-Elk members; $35 for Elk members

Any questions, please call Doug Zuidema at 616-402-8555 or email Doug Zuidema at


From the Newsletter Editor:

If you are not getting emails from the council, we need your email address. Please contact Pat Galla (number above) or myself at (231) 670-3469 to get on the email list. We do print a few copies and have them at the hall, although the preferred method is electronic. Plus it saves us money.


Our Council website is please check it out and save it as one of your favorites. The Events Calendar is very handy to see upcoming happenings. This will give you a good list for volunteer activities.


As you see on the calendar, the council gold league starts April 25th.  Well, the “Senior” Thursday morning golf will start April 26th (weather permitting). We meet at Eagle Island Golf Course at 10 am in the early months, then at 9 am in June thru September. Any age is welcome. We also have a few non-Knights with our group, if you have the time. It’s a fun time, not real serious, it’s hard to be serious at our age. We will start once the weather gets a little warmer…us older duffers can’t take the cold.


Follow us on Facebook and get event reminders through your Facebook page.  Search for KC706 when you are logged-into Facebook and click on the “Like” button when you are on the Knights of Columbus Dan M. Kennedy Council 706 page.  You will then see everything that is posted to our Facebook page. 


Denny Chandonnet, Editor & PGK


Joke of the month:

Show Must Go On

The circus was in town and Stanislaus and Oleg were the featured act. While Oleg walked across the high wire without a net, Stanislaus would balance on Oleg's shoulders, all the while juggling 5 balls at once.

A few minutes before they were to go on, Oleg called for the ringmaster. It seems Oleg had become deathly ill by eating some bad sushi and would have to cancel tonight's performance.

"You'd better tell Stanislaus," Oleg said. Walking into Stanislaus' dressing room, the ringmaster got right to the point. "Stanislaus, I have some bad news. You won't be doing your act tonight."

"Why not?"

"You don't have Oleg to stand on!"




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