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Next Meeting Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7:00 PM



Brother Knights of #706,

We will be collecting non-perishable goods for the next 3 month. So every time you come down to the club please bring a can good or two with you. There are a lot of unfortunate people in Muskegon County. If we do this for the next 3 months you will be surprised what this council can collect. Please pass the word around to all members and let’s see what we can collect this year.


I want to thank Denny Chandonnet, Matt Carlton, and Tom Seastrom for helping set-up and run the District Soccer Challenge for Knights of Columbus with me.


Our council and 3 other councils donated mulch to MCC for the playground. I want to thank Matt Carlton, Ed Hodges, Denny Chandonnet, Pat Goresch, Todd Woodard and Ken Rasp for helping get this project done. I also want to thank the 5 students who helped out, but no names. Also St. Thomas, Prince of Peace and Holy Rosary councils helped pay for the mulch.


Please mark your calendar for the steak fry on Friday Nov 3rd. Get your tickets ASAP they are going fast.  Tickets are $15 if you get them on or before November 1st. They will be $18 at the door. The last steak fry was fabulous, come on down and enjoy a wonderful dinner.


We will be putting on a Veterans Dinner at St. Francis Wednesday, November 8th from 5:00 – 6:30 pm. Prior to the 6:00 Mass. If you can help out with serving and cooking, please contact me. We will start prep-work at 4:30.


            We will be having our annual Turkey Fry on Wednesday, November 22nd at 5:30 pm until we close the place. Please join as it is always fun and plenty of food. Bring a dish to pass.


            This year we would like to do the Knights of Columbus free throw contest at MCC in 2018. I’m looking for 2 men/dads who would like to head up this event this year. My email and phone number is listed below, please lend a hand.


            With the Holiday season upon us, we get to so busy with events and social gatherings that we forget about our families. Please make a point to “Take Time for your Family” make a point to spend one night at least with the family for dinner and/or prayer.


            This year’s focus of the Knights of Columbus is “Works of Mercy and Membership Growth”. We have seen our numbers decline in the State of Michigan in the last two years. Our council has been doing great, but we cannot relax. The one area we need to work on is our insurance memberships and 2nd and 3rd degree members. Remember the Knights was formed for the widows and insurance membership is how we support them. Also 2nd and 3rd degree are lessons in Unity and Fraternity our guiding principles. Remember 1st degree is Charity.


            On Thursday, October 12th we started hosting a Evangelization Program at the club from 5:30pm to 8:00 pm for 8 weeks with Rebecca Chicklon the faith director of St. Francis de Sales. So when you see them on Thursday’s please make them feel welcome at our club. I’m looking for volunteers from our council to help with the hosting duties. This a program to help Catholics become practicing Catholics again.


            We are in the planning stages for our second annual Beer Tent, date TBD!!!  Please stay tuned as we will be looking for help on this event next summer.


We, Knights of Council #706, are asked to ushers at St Francis de Sales. We usher every third week and we need at least 6, spouses can help too. When you attend Mass at 11:00 am, please check in and help out. There is a select few who help. It is a very simple way to help out our parish and help the Knights look good too. We have 436 members in our Council, we only need 6 ushers to show up about 15 minutes early, every third week. Please contact me to help!


Ushering Schedule: 

10-29-17                      11-19-17                      12-10-17


We are always looking for people to volunteer for fund raisers held at the club. If interested in helping out please contact (Patrick Galla at 231-670-7392) and I will be happy to get you involved in one of our events. Just a reminder our Appreciation dinner is May 12th so mark your calendars, details to follow.


We have added 36 new members or transfers in 2016-2017 year. Great job everyone!! For 2017-2018 our membership quota is 29 new members and 10 new insurance members. Get the news out that the Knights from #706 is the organization to join.


Please try to attend our next meeting. Always looking for new ideas and input from our members.


Vivat Jesus

Patrick Galla, Grand Knight

Cell: 231-670-7392




Tidbit Announcements:

November events:

a)      Steak Fry November 3rd.

b)      Council meeting Thursday Nov 9th at 7 pm

c)      Building Association meeting Monday Nov 13th at 6:30 pm

d)     Starting Oct 12th we will be hosting an Evangelization program at the club with St. Francis de Sales Faith Director Rebecca Chicklon for the next 8 Thursday’s starting at 5:45 – 8:00 pm.


October - Council Meeting Highlights:

a)      Treasures reports approved.

b)      Good standing with Supreme


Membership Goals 2017-2018: 29 new members and 10 new insurance members.


Kids Food Basket News: John Schneller

We are still supporting the Kids Food Basket (KFB) in Muskegon. If you are interested in helping our area kids in need please contact me at 231-286-3994. You can go to the web for more information at: or


One way to get involved in this ministry is simply decorating the bags they pack for the kids. There are groups that get together over lunch or whatever and have a decorating party. I know of a few that meet monthly in groups of 6-8 and talk and decorate. It’s a simple way to help and have some social time.


Your help is always appreciated,

John, Schneller



From the Newsletter editor:

If you are not getting emails from the council, we need your email address.  Please contact Pat Galla or myself to get on the list. We do print a few copies and have them at the hall. The preferred method is electronic.


Our Council website is please check it out and save it as one of your favorites. The Events Calendar is very handy to see upcoming happenings.


Follow us on Facebook and get event reminders through your Facebook page.  Search for KC706 when you are logged-into Facebook and click on the “Like” button when you are on the Knights of Columbus Dan M. Kennedy Council 706 page.  You will then see everything that is posted to our Facebook page. 


Thank you,

Denny Chandonnet, Editor & PGK



Kids, Ya Gotta Love ‘em!


I was blessed with three beautiful, intelligent and terrific children.


When they were seven, six and five, my youngest daughter who was always asking questions, came home from kindergarten one day and asked, "Daddy, how many children did you want?"


Thinking for a minute, I thought I would give her a laugh, I looked at her and said, "Two."


She thought about this for a moment and then asked, "Me, and who else?"




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