January 2021 Newsletter

From the Desk of
the Grand Knight

Council Meeting
Thursday, January 14, 2021 – 7:00 PM
Will be an online Zoom meeting.

Fellow Brothers,

The month of January marks a new year and hopefully a beginning to a better year than the last one.  There have been many negative things to come about in 2020, but we have also managed to do many good things.  Our Knights of Columbus 706 family and friends have generated a considerable amount of money and goods for our community of Muskegon through our drive-thru dinners.  It takes every one of us to make a difference and that is what we are doing.  Every person doing their own part gives us the ability to make a difference in so many people’s lives.  I’m very proud of our Knights and friends, you are a wonderful group of people that support your community.  There have been countless hours volunteered to support the many events and causes that we have supported this year.  I would like to thank all of you for your support and help during these difficult times.  Maybe 2020 wasn’t that bad, just different.  Hopefully 2021 be as successful for our Council and our community.  

The month of January within the church continues with the first 10 days in the Christmas season which is represented by the color white, color of light, symbol of joy, purity and innocence. The rest of the month brings us to Ordinary time, with the color of green, representing the hope of reaping the eternal harvest of heaven. Let us all pray that this year is a year filled with good health and good living.   

I would ask that you add into your prayers, that God may guide our leaders and all of us to make the place we live in better than the day before.  I believe that all of us can make a difference, especially in our own community, it starts with each one of us.      

Council meetings are on the second Thursday of each month and everybody is welcome and encouraged to join us for our monthly meeting.  Until further notice, the council meetings will be a Zoom meeting.  If you would like to join the Zoom meeting, please contact me via my email listed below and I will send you the link.  This month our council meeting will be on January 14th @ 7 pm. I hope all Brother Knights and their families are doing well, but for those that are going through tough times please pray for them.  See the members in need on the website and keep them in your prayers.

Ushering at St. Francis:
January 3rd
January 24th
February 14th

Please help ushering at Mass on Sunday 11:00 am. We are needed more than ever to help with social distancing and some cleaning after Mass. Please add these dates to your calendar and try to arrive about 20 minutes early to get your instructions.

Vivat Jesus,
Matt Carlton, Grand Knight
Phone: 231-740-4651 – Email: carlton29@frontier.com

Special Announcements

December Events:
>> Online Event calendar is up-to-date. Please check it out at www.kc706.com. Please be aware and watch as things may change as the COVID thing gets worse.
>> All dinner events are drive-through only. Please stay tuned to the charity we will be supporting.

October – Council Meeting:
a) Meeting held was a Zoom meeting and it went very well, considering.
b) We are in good standing with State and Supreme.
c) We don’t know when we can meet again, correspondence will be through email.  Bills and deposits for the Council will happen via a manual process. Please be patient with your check deposits, we are working through this with the virus.

Membership Goals 2019-2020: 31 new members and 11 new insurance members.
Members needed: 23 now. Please try to always recruit new gentlemen.
New insurance members needed: 11

Building Association News

Amid this year’s many disruptions, we have certainly seen our fair share of new challenges—but we also saw a surge in support, as well.  We would like to recognize the following:

  • We were all flexible in handling all types of situations to meet our members and the public’s needs
  • We kept our dinners to an affordable cost for our members and general public
  • We effectively reinforced our volunteers’ emotional connections with your organization
  • We provided strong support to our community with donations to many local charities/organizations

These recognitions have been sustainable through this year of many uncertainties and disruption. Plus, they’re valuable for us in getting support of volunteers’ over the long run. With this, it boosts high energy, engagement and retention to keep our organization on solid ground.

We would like to identify each and every person who volunteered this year but there are too many to list. Each and every volunteer went above and beyond to support the Knights of Columbus. We cannot express our gratitude enough and what your support has meant to our organization.

Of course, we do not want to forget all the individuals that have volunteered for many years prior to 2020 but were not able to continue because of the issues involved with the pandemic. We understand that and we stand behind all these individuals and their personal decisions. We know deep down that you wanted to be there to help as always.

Additionally, we cannot forget the entire member’s and general public that came through one or multiple drive thru dinners. We appreciate ever singly one of you. Without our dinner customers we would not have had the success we did with keeping our organization functioning at a high level during this very disruptive year. 

Thank you for all you have done in 2020. We look forward to your volunteering in 2021.

Please continue to spread the news on our Friday and Wednesday Drive Thru dinners in 2021. It is very much appreciated.

Current dinner schedules coming up, all are Drive Thru at this time. Please consult the online Calendar for changes:

January 6 Beef Tips in Gravy $10.00 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
January 8 Fish Fry $11.00 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
January 13 Chicken Breasts $10.00 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
January 20 Mini Polish Dinner $10.00 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
January 22 Fish Fry $11.00 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
January 27 French Dip $10.00 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
January 29 Fish Fry $11.00 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Wings and Fries are also available Wednesdays

February 5 Fish Fry $11.00 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
February 13 Fish Fry $11.00 5:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Wings and Fries are also available Wednesdays

We are looking forward to 2021.  Stay tuned to events coming up and please volunteer if you are able.  Lenten Fish Fries will be posted soon, stay tuned.  Please see the Website at www.kc706.com click on the Calendars, then Event Calendar to see what dinners are planned.  Thank you!

Have a Healthy and Safe 2021 New Year!

Building Association President,
Tim Kordecki, Email: timkordecki@comcast.net

From the Editors Desk

Happy New Year to all and blessings.  May God watch over us and protect us through these trying times.

Vivat Jesus,
Denny Chandonnet, Email: famchando@comcast.net

Joke of the Month

Perks Of Being 60 Years Old Or More..

  • Kidnappers are not very interested in you
  • In a hostage situation, you are likely to be released first
  • No one expects you to run – anywhere
  • People call at 8 PM and ask: “Did I wake you?”
  • People no longer view you as a hypochondriac
  • There is nothing left to learn the hard way
  • Things you buy now won’t wear out
  • You can eat supper at 4 PM
  • Your supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size

Bonus Joke: Wiping Off A Kiss?

A grandma lovingly gives her granddaughter a kiss on the cheek upon seeing her at a family get-together. Afterward, she noticed the little girl wiping her cheek.

“Are you wiping off my kiss?” she asked.

“No”, she smartly replied, somewhat embarrassed but quick on her feet, “I’m just rubbing it in!”

Had Room for a Third Joke: The Singer

As a singer, I sing at many funerals and was recently asked by a funeral director to sing at a graveside service for a homeless man.

I was not sure of the directions, and I was late to the site. The funeral guys had evidently gone and the hearse was nowhere in sight. There were only the diggers and crew left and they were eating lunch. I went to the side of the grave and looked down and the vault lid was already in place. I didn’t know what else to do, so I started to sing.

As I sang “Amazing Grace,” the spirit began to move and the workers began to weep. They wept, I wept, we all wept together. When I finished, I prayed a benediction and started for my car, my head hung low but my heart so FULL.

As I opened the door to my car, I overheard one of the workers say, “I’ve never seen nothin’ like that before and I’ve been putting in septic tanks for twenty years.”

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